Massage Water Kettlebell Weight Training Adjustable Jug Dumbbell Kettle Bell Yoga


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Product Overview

Brand NEW !!!

Color: Grey (see picture)

Material: Durable PVC
net weight 900g (no water)
- adjustable weight with water ((2~14LB) upto 7kg

- with message particel
- A versatile kettlebell featuring surface massage particles to aid in muscle relief. Ideal for professional fitness, shaping, yoga, and Pilates aerobics.
- You can adjust the weight by adding or removing water without worrying about damaging the floor if it falls. This feature makes it ideal for home workouts and other fitness activities.
- This kettlebell makes a perfect gift for friends who enjoy fitness, including sports enthusiasts, dieters, yoga practitioners, and more.
- It's not only portable but also easily adjustable, allowing you to use it anywhere—whether at the office, at home, or on the go.
- Suitable for yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance, weightlifting, swinging, squatting, and grabbing, this versatile equipment is designed for a variety of strength training exercises.

Massage Kettlebell: Traditional dumbbells are often inconvenient to carry due to their weight, but this water-filled adjustable kettlebell is lightweight, portable, and easy to adjust. Made from durable and safe PVC material, it's perfect for fitness, whether at home or while travelling.

Package Content:
1 x Water Kettlebell

*texture and colour might be slightly different from the picture. due to lighting of environment, monitor and camera setup


(No reviews yet) Write a Review